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We Build the new World

"Welcome to Keerthi Planners and Builders. We are the leading building contractor and planning designer in Erode district."

Delivering Right Strategies For Achieve Your Dreams

“Offering optimal value for money”

Passion in Creating new Spaces

“We are the leading building contractor and planning designer in Erode district."

About Us



KEERTHI PLANNERS & BUILDERS: We are the leading Building Contractor and Planning designer in Erode District. In earlier we started our company in the name of City Planners & Builders. In 1997 we launched our constructions company under the new name KEERTHI PLANNERS & BUILDERS. We have been working in the construction field for past 25 years .We realize the needs and dreams of this city and promise to develop quality homes and business spaces at an affordable price. We believe in not only delivering the highest quality projects for the best value but also create positive, memorable experience for the clients.

The dream started around Erode District, within a short span of time, we have completed several private flat promotions, Commercial complexes projects and more. Now we are a leading designer and Building contractor in Erode District. We build it all with our value-added engineering and an experienced staff of construction professionals. We apply our expertise to a broad spectrum of construction-related services and delivery systems including design-build and construction management. As leading Construction Company we provide most appropriate solutions to Clients, through assessment of their needs and demands, and consultation.

The company pride itself on delivering all its projects on time at competitive prices bases its quality policy such as: Our Company has understood the need and importance of the role of the builders.

Offering optimal value for money without compromise on the quality of final product, construction resources to provide Clients cost.

inish projects to customer entire satisfaction and very carefully maintain a future relationship with all our customers.

To create permanent relations with subcontractors, suppliers and project partners based on good intentions and trust etc.

The projects that we have completed proof of our efficiency and dedication to work.